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Street Cafe is a very new/known brand with/for a very different concept. We’re just 84 months old and by god’s grace had an excellent Start to be able to create Kolkata's 1st successful Sandwich chain with 4 outlets at High Footfall Zones across the city.

Well, talking about our sandwich, we feel glad when our Consumers say, our sandwiches are the best in Town', but while serving continental food we have not really remained Conventional. We've actually 'Played with Sandwich' and launched newer varieties of Sandwich available in different shapes and styles. We were the 1st ones to introduce connoisseurs Kolkatan to more than 15 varieties of freshly prepared grilled sandwiches. Also Our Cheesy Burger and Hawaiian Burger' are a major hit indeed. Currently our Menu Caters to 15 different varieties of Sandwich in Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian available. The Sandwich is served with different types of Sauces.

Apart from Sandwich, we also serve Fries - It's a Time pass which is again different, tastes good, satisfies your hunger and does not really make you feel heavy on your tummy.


We have 5 operational outlets in kolkata & serve more than 900 customers every day. It plans to put up a total of 50stores by December 2018. Says Binay Chandak, Founder Street Cafe:

“Looking good by eating healthy food is irresistible, new mantra is what our concept is all about.”

To Become Kolkata's and India's Biggest Sandwich Chain & to create lots and lots of Jobs to achieve our dream of becoming a successful employee sensitive organisation, where every team member has his upliftment and enjoys his work to the fullest. We intend to do something for the people of Our Country - India and try to make this world a better place to Live in This can actually work out to be a great project, whereby we will be able to contribute lots and lots and it will be our dreams come true


Street Cafe began its journey to brand the India’s Own Sandwich joint on 3rd Sep 2009 and in its 7th year of operations, it has become pioneer in the food retail company in India in the QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) segment.

Inspired by western models and applying it to Indian food, Street Cafe believes that the cross section of the society has the constitutional right to get hygienic food at moderate price!

Street Cafe has been founded by Binay Chandak & has a team of people spanning the functional areas of operations, business development, franchisee relations and marketing.

Time Lines

2009- Started 1st Outlet @ Varaan Market( Camac St)

2010:- Added another feather to the cap opening 2nd Outlet @ Sec-V( An IT hub).Introduced More than 12 variety of Non –Veg Sandwiches .

2011:- opened an outlet in Kolkata’s most conservative area Burra Bazzar where traditional Indian food was the option and liking of the people. After opening of Street Cafe perception of localities changed overnight and soon Street Cafe became very popular in burra bazzar.

2012: Added another feather in the cap of Street Cafe opening new Outlet in Lake Town First dine inn Outlet. Know Street Cafe existence was in NORTH, SOUTH, EAST &WEST.

2013:- Street Cafe Crossed river Hooghly and started its 2nd dine in outlet with a seating capacity of 16Pax in Howrah. Howrah market is similar to Burra Bazzar. Soon the outlet got mouth publicity and rocked the area.

2016:- The Company joined Hands with Affinity Commodities Pvt. Ltd. Formation of Staple Viver & Beverages Pvt. Ltd to run the brand Street Cafe to make its dream come true.

2017:- Street Cafe Started its new Outlet with Mordern equipments and technologies @ Kasba( The Chambers Mall)

2018:- upcoming 50 New Outlets.......